Half-Hog $475

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Half-Hog $475

from 225.00

For smaller families and individuals not yet up for The Whole Hog. The Half Hog has all the glory of the Whole, the same array of cuts, just half the quantity of each.

All weights are approximate, you may have a pound or two more or less than what is listed along with an extra sausage flavor or special cut than is listed. Our pigs are dynamic beings and so we do our best to stick to the weights listed, but leave room for the diversity in cuts each pig brings to the table totaling 65lbs.


You can place a deposit of $225 to secure your package, the remaining balance of $250 plus sales tax we be due upon delivery or pick up.

Once ordered, we will contact you about pick-up and delivery options including the date your product will be available.

We are offering our hogs in set weight packages. We believe this to be easier and more straightforward for the customer. We find that the purchase of a whole animal not knowing how much it will weigh in addition to filling out a butcher sheet can be overwhelming for a customer.   We may mix and match cuts from different hogs to make package weights come out even. For the true pork connoisseur, fluent in the butchering process (or eager to learn), we can sell a whole hog based on hanging weight and you fill out your own butcher sheet. All of our meat is processed at a local USDA inspected facility.


Please keep in mind when viewing our prices that they are for a complete package that includes all processing fees except sales tax


**If ordered in advance, certain substitutions can be made on the whole and half hog packages only. Roasts can be swapped for more ground sausage and griller sausages can be added for an additional fee (either swapped from loose sausage or roasts). Smoking hams etc... is also an additional fee


 Because of what the processor we use offers and certain USDA regulations,  our cured and smoked bacon contains nitrates.if you are interested in a "nitrate free" option and you order before Nov 7th or December 13th, you can request "pork belly" instead. This would give you the cut you need to cure and smoke your own bacon (highly recommended!)! OR simply use it for roasting, bbq etc... Anyway you have it, it is delicious!

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