Our herd is a diverse batch of heritage breed pigs that we raise on the rolling hills of Crozet, VA. We rotate our pigs on pasture and through the forest, where they have access to a diverse array of nutritious forage including; grasses, forbs, acorns and other tree nuts, roots, shoots, wild fruit, insects and mushrooms. We supplement their diet with a ration of non-gmo grain. The nature of a pig is one of curiosity and seeking delicious omnivorous treats, much like us! This, combined with their stature, makes for a creature that is able to bring about great change in the landscape while following their nose. We recognize this as a great attribute of pigs, but if left untended, can lead to an unsightly and unsound ecosystem. Therefore, we place great emphasis on stewardship aimed at maintaining and improving soil depth and health, rotating our animals frequently based on ground-cover and soil disturbance amongst other factors.

In addition to our commitment to animals, soil and nourishing food for our community, one of our goals is to provide our customers with a simple, resilient, nutrient dense option to feed family and friends. Therefore, we have designed the following bundle options to suit the needs of our diverse customers. Experiencing the broad range of cuts, in proportion to how they are found within animals, is an important connection in our fast-paced lives. We believe this is a way for our customers to be more in touch with the food they eat and the land that supports us.


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